Our humble beginning

It all started in 2001, when we envisioned a world where everyone will have enough.  Thus, the company Creative Power (S) Pte Ltd is established.  We wanted to spread wealth more evenly and believe universal Loyalty program is a good way to achieve this mission.

However, it did not went as planned.  In 2004, we shelved the idea.  By then the company has established good relationship with some merchants and we continue to serve them in their own Customers loyalty programs requirement and related services.

Some of the services we have provided are: Card based and Mobile customer loyalty program, Cross-merchants promotion campaign, Merchant Acquisition program, Letter Shopping, Supplies and design of loyalty cards, promotion posters, leaflets, etc.

Thanks be to GOD, today we have and are serving some of the most renowned companies………     

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Some of Our Good Clients


Customers Loyalty program are Not exclusively for the Big companies, it is a growth engine for All companies. And is Very Affordable even to small and medium size companies.  In 2014, the Singapore government initiated a voucher to support companies going into Customers Loyalty.  Its time to learn How to use Customer loyalty program to secure and grow your business, step by step, effectively and implement it…..

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Our Philosophy


Our responsive nature ensures your company smooth operation at all times.

Perfect For All Companies Sizes

No matter the size of your company or the service you required, your requested will be responded with good care.

Premium Deliverables

Our premium options in Loyalty Programs help you stand out to your customers !

Customer Satisfation

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We make sure your customers are satisfied too with our loyalty program.

Amazing Result

We offer incredible program and support that allow you to create a beautiful program for your customers.

Give something Beautiful

We deliver our highest level of quality service to achieve amazing result for you.


This is our basis and you can be assured your requirements are delivered beyond your satisfaction.

To Be Trusted

Anything can be changed, but not Trust Worthiness. To establish long working relationship, you require trust and customer loyalty comes from trust.

Other Related Services

Through the years of serving our clients, we are asked and given opportunities to provide peripherals or related products and services like: Loyalty Cards, Welcome pack supplies, letter shopping service, Printing of Promotional Posters, vouchers, Registration form, Card Holders, Welcome letters, etc and Designing service.

Why Choose Us

Fully responsive so your operation will always be smooth all times
Awesome services give you the opportunity to satisfy customers to the utmost
Unlimited issuance of loyalty cards with our mobile version loyalty program option
Multiple options for Customer Loyalty program, Gift card program and related services
We offer free support because we care about your success as much as you do.

everywhere The world best loyalty programme

The everywhere Program !
Connects MORE Customers to your business
REDUCE your Advertising cost to a bare minimum
Increase PROFITABILITY of your every customers
HIGHER Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty